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Laurie Good, MD


Laurie Good, MD completed her residency at the Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI. She received her medical degree from Georgetown University, Washington, DC.

Dr. Good discovered her interest for health care accidently. She realized in college she had a love for science and that she enjoyed working with people. In college she was scared to take a science class so tried to avoid them at all cost, until she took a neuroscience class for no credit. She likednot having the stress of having to pass the class which opened her up for endless possibility. She ended up being fascinated with science and because of it she majored in neuroscience. She felt health care was a way to combine science and people.

Dermatology was a late find for Dr. Good. She went to medical school with her older sister and both were going to become family doctors. “My sister became a family doctor, but in my fourth year of medical school I did a rotation in dermatology and fell in love,” said Dr. Good.

Dr. Good is married to her high school sweetheart. Together they have four children ages eight, seven, six, and three. Her two oldest children are adopted from Vietnam. The Good family also has two French bulldogs and two desert tortoises. In their spare time Dr. Good and her family like to bike, hike, run, and snowboard. 

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